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What is PGD ?

PGD is a technique used throughout IVF-ET, wherever embryos square measure tested for malady genes and solely healthy embryos square measure transferred into a female internal reproductive organ.
PGD – however may be a diagnosing created ?
Embryos square measure obtained by combining eggs and sperm cell within the laboratory. From every embryo, one or 2 blastomeres are removed and tested. If the embryo is judged to be freed from the disorder, are transferred to the cavum.
Why is PGD performed ?
Couples either with genetic abnormality or a carrier don’t need to pass their disorder on to their kid / children. before PGD for those couples UN agency has no selection however to pass their defective genes to off spring, however with the assistance of IVF – ET and PGD embryos freed from the genetic abnormality is transferred to the womb and once implanted couple can have kid freed from genetic abnormality.

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